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Automating Drone Operations

DroneGrid eliminates the need for human interaction with drones to perform various tasks.
Fly, Land, Charge, Repeat. No humans required.

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Think about what, not how

Our solution is built to function without any human operators. Our drones fly and function fully autonomously. When a mission is completed, they land on our smart charging stations to recharge while being protected from the weather.

Missions are scheduled and monitored on our cloud platform. Thus allowing enterprises to focus on the actual data that can be used for better decision making, rather than on the complex process of collecting data.

Scalable and Reliable

By combining multiple docks and drones in a grid network, even the most complex tasks can be handled. Enlarging the operating area is as easy as adding more charging stations. This method can also be used to enable continuous and redundant operations.

We teamed up with the best partners in the industry to deliver aerospace grade hardware which is low maintenance and built to withstand the toughest weather conditions.

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Our cloud platform redefines the way drones are operated and managed at an enterprise level. It can be accessed from anywhere at anytime.

Together with our industry partners we transform mission and sensory data from the drones into concise, actionable insights.


Our Team

Vishal PunamiyaCo-Founder & CEO
Maxime BossensCo-Founder & CTO
Stanislas van der VaerenCo-Founder & Hardware Engineer
Boris GordtsSoftware Engineer

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