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For Enterprises

Collecting and managing aerial data redefined

Our enterprise solution allows our customers to focus on what’s important i.e. working with business-critical data to take better informed decisions. Collecting aerial drone data has never been easier for our customers. Accessible to anyone with a web browser and internet connection, managing a drone operation is as easy as few clicks.

Select from industry leading data products

By working and partnering with some of the world’s best remote sensing and data analytics partners we offer complete industry specific, automated analytics. Data product outputs can be reviewed online and downloaded in a variety of formats used for common GIS workflows.

Third party integrations

The DroneGrid platform comes integrated by default with widely used integrations, helping our customers leveraging their data products and making their workflow more efficient.

Quick online assessment tools

DroneGrid offers a suite of industry specific tools to allow users to work with captured data within its web interface to quickly measure common parameters such as distance, volume, area, perimeters, elevation etc. prior to exporting it for complex processing and manipulation.

Always regulatory compliant

Regulatory compliance and operational safety are paramount. Our platform offers integrations with the world-leading UTM providers, to advise during operational planning and to automatically submit authorization requests, ensuring a hassle-free operation for our customers.

Get Started

Wondering how aerial information could impact your business? DroneGrid will work with you to help you understand the technical and operational feasibility of using drones.